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1 Fit and Sizing
1.1 How do I know if I am wearing the correct size?

We are here to help! Bra fitting is an art, and each bra is it's own animal. Sometimes certain styles work better on one woman than the next. If you cant make it in for a fitting, we have compiled a list for you. These are the things you should be checking for:

1) That the band is tight enough; we can't stress this one enough, ladies. At LEAST 80 percent of the support your bra is giving you needs to come from the band of the bra. If it is not, you will notice shoulder pain, your straps will leave marks at the top of your shoulders, and the band will gradually rise up in the back as the day wears on - causing your boobs to fall down in the front. This is an all-around BAD situation. But remember! When you go down in the band you must go up in the cup! (providing the cup was fitting you correctly in the first place - see step two for that info) So, for example, let's say Betsey is wearing a size 36 B, and follows our guidelines to buying the right size. Her band is too big in the back, so now she is sizing down to a 34 band - but her cup fit perfectly in the 36 B. She needs to go to a 34 C cup in order to maintain the properly fitting cup.

2) That the underwire is containing all of your breast tissue; this means when you put your hand in the cup of your bra and do what we call the "Swoop and Scoop" (gently pulling your entire breast up and into the cup from the bottom of your breast) the underwire should be sitting far enough back on your chest to not be pressing on any breast tissue. If when you do this, you notice that all of a sudden you have the dreaded "double boob", it is time to size up a cup. We should warn you, however, NOT to get hung up on cup sizing. Every company is different, and, if you read step one, you'll know that the cup's actual size is very dependent on the band size. If the cups stand away from your body and you get gapping, you may need a different size, or perhaps a different style.  Another thing to keep an eye on when fitting the cups of your bra is what is known as the "gore" of the bra. This is that little center piece that holds the cups together. This piece should be sitting flush against your chest. If it is standing away from your body, the cups are too small.

3) Your comfort; Please make sure you are going to be comfortable in the style of bra you have chosen. If you notice a certain style is rubbing or pinching, it is not the style for you. We will be happy to help you select the perfect style that fits you comfortably.

Any further fit questions, feel free to reach out to one of our fitters at (516) 802-7717. We look forward to assisting you :)

1.2 How do your sizes run?

Most of the items in our boutique are European designers, and therefore tend to run more narrow. For specific item fit questions feel free to call us at (516) 802-7717