Beautifully crafted lingerie pieces from Bordelle now in stock

Bordelle and how to style it

   English lingerie giant Bordelle has landed at our front door!  Stunning pieces from their Kizette line are currently gracing our shelves. Featuring shimmering and intricately embroidered scalloped Swiss tulle, customized signature satin elastic strapping, and, of course, adjustable slides and hardware that are 24K gold Plated. The epitome of decadence, these pieces are a must for any lingerie addict or collector.

    We here at La Femme Dangereuse like to play with the idea of innerwear as outerwear (stay tuned for a more in depth blog about how best to style this idea!) and Bordelle is the perfect brand for displaying. Pair this collection with a sheer blouse or a top with a low back to show off the amazing harness-back designs of these pieces. Don't forget to check out their edgy collars that can be worn as chokers in or out of the bedroom. A personal favorite of mine is throwing a pair of their garters on on top of a dark jean to add a layer of naughtiness to a basic jean. The art deco garter is particularly effective for this look.

   Pop in and check the collection out for yourself, or, if you are not local, peep our website for the latest looks! As always, we are more than happy to answer your questions via email or phone.


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